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Meet your barista, Kara

"My dream of owning my own coffee shop started in 2013. I was working as a barista while getting my business degree, so when it came time to turn in my senior project, I wrote a business plan for a small, drive thru coffee shop. This idea grew into a dream to combine my love for coffee, entrepreneurship, and community into a mobile coffee bar that can travel the valley serving caffeine and happiness.

Lucky for me, I also met my now husband in 2013 while he was working toward his degree in Construction Management. What do you get when you combine coffee and construction? You get Cowboy Coffee, a completely refurbished 1966 horse trailer turned trendy coffee bar! I am so proud of this business because it truly is mine and my husband's passions combined."

Cowboy Coffee Mobile Coffee bar with event setup and decor.
Serving coffee at Cowboy Coffee event rental coffee bar.

Instagram worthy coffee experience

Decorate the trailer to match your party theme or aesthetic! Our trailer makes the perfect backdrop for photos. Just add in one of our hand-crafted drinks, and BOOM you have your next Instagram story. We even offer decor packages to help dress up the trailer for your event. 

Family owned and operated

It takes a special kind of person to want to work with your significant other and here we are doing it twice! Not only do we own and work for Cowboy Coffee together, we also both work for Charger Construction, which is also owned by our family. Doing what we love alongside each other and our family is what brings us joy. This business is built on love, trust, respect, and dreams of a great future for our family.

Small, mobile footprint

Our trailer is small and light, allowing it to be pulled by a fuel-efficient vehicle. It is also powered by an inverter, which is quieter and uses up to 40% less gas than a normal generator. Our community is important to us and so is our ecological footprint.

Our Story

July 2021
We bought a horse trailer
We purchased this 1966 vintage 2 horse trailer after months of searching for the perfect one. We completely gutted it, leaving only the framing and sheet metal.
Renovation of Cowboy Coffee 1960s horse trailer.
August 2021
Frame Adjustments
We added new metal support beams, built a new back door, cut in the service window, and closed up the back windows.
Renovation of Cowboy Coffee 1960s horse trailer.
September 2021
A fresh coat of paint
Time to say goodbye to 55 years of rust! The trailer got sandblasted and a new paint job.
Renovation of Cowboy Coffee 1960s horse trailer.Renovation of Cowboy Coffee 1960s horse trailer.
November 2021
Wiring & trim
We re-wired the brake lights, polished the exterior chrome trim, and built back the floor and walls.
Renovation of Cowboy Coffee 1960s horse trailer.
December 2021
Exterior siding
We installed tongue and groove siding to the exterior of the trailer
Renovation of Cowboy Coffee 1960s horse trailer.
January 2022
Interior updates
We started plumbing, framed the prep counter, added FRP to the interior walls, installed new windows, bought new tires, and reattached the exterior metal trim
Renovation of Cowboy Coffee 1960s horse trailer.
February 2022
Countertops change everything
We finished the metal framing, installed backer board in preparation for the finishes, and mounted the countertop
Renovation of Cowboy Coffee 1960s horse trailer.
March 2022
Adding design elements
We installed the service window countertop, sanded and stained both tops, and added backsplash.
Renovation of Cowboy Coffee 1960s horse trailer.
April 2022
We have a floor
Electrical and plumbing were completed, and new flooring was installed.
Renovation of Cowboy Coffee 1960s horse trailer.
May-August 2022
The final touches
We set the sinks, installed fixtures, FRP, and access panels, fabricated the service window door, and wrapped up the finishing cosmetic details
Renovation of Cowboy Coffee 1960s horse trailer.
September 2022
Open for business
Renovating a 1966 rusty horse trailer into a gorgeous mobile coffee bar was not easy, but we are thrilled with the results! Thank you to everyone who offered help and guidance along the way.
Owners of Cowboy Coffee stand in front of trailer.
Ready to serve you amazing cowboy coffee
Find Cowboy Coffee at popular public events in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City, Nevada. Checkout the mobile coffee bar schedule for our current location and where to find us for upcoming events.

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